About PHGMi

Praise of His Glory Ministry is a Not-for-Profit Christian organization. Ephesians 1:12 clearly states God’s expectation for every Christian – to be for the praise of His glory, through deeds and utterances. This ministry therefore came into existence as a result of the passion to bring true sacrifice of praise to Him, through lifting up of the hands of His servants on mission fields (II Corinthians 9:12 – 13) and the fruit of our lips (Heb. 13:15). More …

Our Vision

Our vision is to be God’s dependable agency for meeting the infrastructural and mobility needs of indigenous African missions and missionaries and their communities of service.

Our mission is to participate in God’s mission through the advancement of Christian faith, education and relief of poverty in rural African missions communities. More …

Our Strategy

The primary source of funding for the realization of the objectives of the organization is the donation by Friends of Missions & Missionaries (FoMM) and other mission-minded individuals and families, and / or sponsorship of specific projects by other organizations or individuals and families. More …


August 7, 2023

Houston Friends of Missions & Missionaries Gather

It’s yet another time celebrate African Missions & Missionaries at this year’s Annual Houston Friends of Missions & Missionaries Get Together. It will be a great […]
June 28, 2019

10th Year Anniversary

September 1, 2016

Friends of Missions & Missionaries Get Together – 2016

The annual end of year Friends of Missions & Missionaries Get Together holds  in Calgary, Canada and Lagos Nigeria on November 5th and 19th respectively. This, […]


PHGMPHGMi New Year Message 2024 Theme

A few representative units of PHGM/PHGMi

COMMISSIONED: The Compassion Journey

PHGM 10th Anniversary Praise Concert 2019

2024: Commissioned

Commissioned to Do What?

Welcome to 2024. All glory to the Lord God Almighty who has kept us alive that His breath in our lungs may burst out continually with the declaration of praises to Him as we journey through the year.

We are inspired to continue our reflection on compassion this year because the Lord was not done with us in 2023 on the theme. Hence, Part B of the contemplation – Commissioned.

The biblical account of the encounter of “an expert in the law” with Jesus as documented in Lk. 10:25-37 is very intriguing. The lawyer was in the crowd around and at some point, stood up (as if in a law court) to test Jesus on His view about the requirements for inheriting eternal life. The lawyer’s question is profound and incisive. There is no gainsaying that many people in our day are still asking the same question, albeit in different ways …