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March 25, 2015
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November 5, 2015
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God is the giver of gladness and uses the instrumentality of men or angels to deliver it to its recipients at various times and under various circumstances. His will is that we serve Him with gladness, either through ministration in worship, giving, or meeting the needs of those in spiritual, physical, material or nancial needs and doing so in His
name. The absence of gladness in these acts portends grave danger for the body of Christ.
It is painful to hear of missionaries quitting the mission elds or their missionary call completely. We have to ask ourselves, why is this so. Many who responded to the call to GO to the elds as foot soldiers are not after material gain, otherwise they would not have left their lucrative careers and the comfort of the cities to go and dwell in the rural environs lacking in even the basic of infrastructure.
We should know that they responded to the call to service because the Lord assured them that their needs would be met because He already prepared other vessels who would provide the necessary support that they require, including prayer (GROANING) and nance and encouragement (GIVING) just to name a few. Whether the appointed vessels are ful lling God’s purpose and plan in these roles or not, or if they do it faithfully, is another matter all together. Of course, failure to do so means starving the missionaries of the requisite support that is vital for keeping them going. Coupled with inadequate, or even lack of, support is the discourage- ment that spins off from lack of result after toiling tirelessly in the eld. Many of them are confronted with spiritual and physical attacks while serving in challenging and unfamiliar terrains, which makes it dif – cult to achieve any tangible result; we really need to be in their shoes to feel the pinch. A missionary friend who once came close to call- ing it quits from a mission eld once shared this experience with me:
One morning, I woke up frustrated and told my wife that we were just wasting our time on the Field. She tried to encourage me but it appeared I had made up my mind. After breakfast, I went to the Post Of ce to collect our mails. On getting home and opening the only letter, I got annoyed and screamed. My wife rushed down to see what the problem was. It was a letter from a young Lydia sister from Lagos Conference, appreciating us for our sacri ces and rounding up by quoting from Jesus’ words in Luke 9:62 [No one who puts his hands to the plow and looks back is t for service in the Kingdom of God]. I was annoyed at the lady and threw the letter away. BUT the message haunted me. It was used of God to make me change my mind. It was a letter from God through this lady. God made us to stay. Results started coming after about 3 years of arriving in Gombe State and God even helped us to start a Fulani Fellowship.
Praise the Lord for the life of that young lady who responded to the nudg- ing of the Holy Spirit to write that letter and at the right time too; it served as the game changer for that missionary couple. They were renewed with gladness after the Holy Spirit used the letter to challenge and encourage them. They have since remained as missionaries among the targeted Fulani people group that God called them to reach.
When the Lord comes knocking, will He nd us faithful in the discharge of our call to be His disbursers of acts of gladness to His wounded soldiers on
mission elds?
“If God wills the evangelisation of the world, and you refuse to support mis- sions,then you are opposed to the will of God”- Oswald J. Smith

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